Free TV Commercials
Free TV Commercials
Free TV Commercials
Free TV Commercials


John at AGMFG’day, I’m John Rowe!
I’m a computer animator specialising in visual effects.

For the last couple of years I’ve been creating TV commercials for my church (West Toowoomba Presbyterian) to run at Christmas and Easter.  But being a bit web-savvy I thought ‘why not make these available to the world to use for free!’ was born.

The Lord has had it on my heart to create this library of free Christian TV commercials so that any church  or  individual  anywhere in the world can download a broadcast quality TV commercial to spread the gospel and to create an instant TV campaign for their church.  No need for 'umming' and 'arring' about how does a church go about making a TV commercial, no need for expensive advertising agencies or production houses.  This website is a free one stop shop for off the shelf instant TV advertising for the Lord!  Anyone with a heart to sponsor a christian ad campaign need only download the ready to broadcast ad from this website, pay for airtime at their local TV station and they're away.  If they wish they can have their own church’s details shown at the end of the ad, just as our church shows ours.

Each ad includes the logo.  In this way this website serves as a followup for the seed that was sewn in the TV commercial, as here you’ll also find the gospel message and links to resources for new believers.  And of course you’ll find the ads here as well.  And not just for Christmas and Easter, but also ads that can be run anytime throughout the year.  It's my prayer that others will also contribute ads and through this growing library contribute to a christian presence on TV proclaiming the gospel in the ad breaks on the airwaves of the world !!!  If you’d like to contribute please email me.

But all of this will count for nothing if God doesn’t use it.  So I’d like to ask you to pray.  Please pray that churches will hear about and use  And pray that, like our church, they will choose to sew the seed of the gospel amongst the couch potatoes of the world.  Please pray for this ministry!  God can move mountains and shape airwaves!

God Bless You!
John Rowe





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