John created nearly 60,000 frames of animation for the Cosmos Centre tourist attraction  in Charleville.  This 15 minute long odyssey through the universe is projected through 3 projectors onto a 7.2 metre wide screen that curves through a 90 arc in front of the audience creating an Imax-like experience.  John received an Australian Effects & Animation Festival Award (his second such award) in December 2002 for his work on this project.  His work was chosen by an international panel of judges over submissions from the Australian Dept of  Defence, Telstra, Digital FX and Griffith University.

The Sun

Binary Star
Black Hole 1 Black Hole 2
Bruce Sucked In Galaxy Zoom
Milky Way Investor's Dream
Big Bang Supernova Atoms
Too Near or Too Far from Sun Wormhole
Daphne's Cooking Solar System
Earth Flare Earth at Night
Saturn Meteorite Impact Jupiter
Asteroids Primordial Fireball
Through the Southern Cross Earth Flyby
Inside the Main Theatre Cosmos Centre
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